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    发布 / 2006-07-07 18:24   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin
    Larry LaPierre is the Executive Producer of Need for Speed Carbon and EA published an interview with him on the official Need for Speed website, where he talks about the story - which should continue the story of Need for Speed Most Wanted - as well as the city Palmont City and new features.
    Most of it we already heard before - the whole interview is a bit superficial, but we can expect to get more information bit by bit the next weeks.
    Community Team: Give us an overview of Need for Speed™ Carbon. What's the overall premise of the game?

    Larry LaPierre: In NFS Carbon, our hero from Need for Speed™ Most Wanted returns back home to Palmont city only to find out things have changed. He has been framed for a race that went wrong, rival street racing gangs have taken over, and like any good conflict, it has to be settled on the streets in their cars.

    A battle for control of the city takes on even greater danger when the races move out to the Canyons.

    CT: How does NFS Carbon differentiate itself from NFS Most Wanted and the Need for Speed™ Underground titles?

    LL: NFS Carbon takes the danger and illicitness of street racing and amps it up by introducing canyon racing.

    CT: Location has had a huge impact in past NFS games. What can you say about the "world" in NFS Carbon?

    LL: NFS carbon takes place in Palmont City. It is heavily influenced by a west coast/Sante Fe vibe mixed with a bit of over the top Vegas glitz, all nestled in the California hills. It's vibrant, colorful and alive.

    CT: Drift racing makes its return in NFS Carbon. How is the racing mechanic and physics different than what was in NFS Underground 2?

    LL: We are really excited to be bringing drift back, its so challenging and so much fun to snake your car smoothly through a set of turns. We also have a much better scoring mechanic this year.

    CT: What can you tell us about the cars and customization in NFS Carbon?

    LL: I love the car set this year - we have such a cool variety with Tuners, Muscle and Exotics. The feel of each is really unique and as far as customization goes we have a totally new way to trick out your car with Autosculpt™.

    CT: Ah, Autosculpt. I can't wait until we can talk about that more. Switching gears, no pun intended, what will NFS Carbon have by way of race modes?

    LL: A lot! NFS Carbon will have Circuit racing, Sprint racing, Speedtrap, and new modes Canyon Duel, Canyon Race, Drift, Canyon Drift, Time Trial and a few others we can tell you about at a later date.

    CT: Lastly, what is the one thing that has you the most excited about NFS Carbon?

    LL: One thing? If it was only one thing it would probably be the canyon duels - they are so intense. You are ripping through these canyons as fast as you can trying to keep up to the lead car.

    The slightest mistake and buh-bye...over the edge...into a heap of metal and carbon fiber.

    CT: Ouch!  

    Source: nfs-planet.de
    发布 / 2006-07-05 19:04   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin
    Our affiliate NFSUnlimited posted some interesting news about the releasedate of Need for Speed Carbon:

    According to the official EA Hong Kong site, Need For Speed Carbon will be out on Oct. 31, and it seems like there will be a collector's edition again for those 3 versions of the game (PC,PS2,XBOX 360), where the PSP version of the game gets a different name once again as it should be NEED FOR SPEED 07.

    We still dont know whether this info is accurate or not, but we will try to find out as soon as possible.

    Source: http://www.nfs-planet.de/
    发布 / 2006-07-03 18:55   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin
    Larry LaPierre will be once more the Executive Producer of Need for Speed Carbon, and EA is going to publish a Q&A with him next week.
    But an interesting information in advance is this:_ueditor_page_break_tag_

    Q. What will NFS Carbon have by way of race modes?
    LL: Circuit, Sprint, Speedtrap, Canyon Duel, Canyon Race, Drift, Canyon Drift, Time Trial and a few others we can tell you about at a later date.

    So NFS Carbon will have the known modes Circuit, Sprint, Speedtrap, Drift and Time Trial and the new modes Race, Drift and Duell take place in the canyons - most likely outside the city.


    Source: http://www.nfs-planet.de/
    发布 / 2006-05-10 18:22   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin

    Now it's reveiled: The next Need for Speed title (NFS 10) will have the name Need for Speed Carbon and already has been announced for the NextGen console Playstation 3.

    There is already a short teaser available, which doesn't show very much. It is just some seconds long and you can see a car in the fog and then the NFS Carbon Logo.
    Source: http://www.nfs-planet.de/index2.php?lang=eng]nfs-planet.de
    发布 / 2006-03-25 15:42   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin
    网上看到大家猜测NFS 10的趋势,有人说
    个人认为极品完全可以向两个方向发展一个专业版(XXXX Unleashed系列),一个大众版(underground系列)还有人提出NFS:ferrari vs lamborghini

    2 x 3 = 6 
    3 was Hot Pursuit, 6 was Hot Pursuit 2
    2 x 5 = 10
    5 was Porsche Unleashed, so 10 will be ..........Unleashed.

    7 was Underground , 8 was Underground 2
    9 was Most Wanted ,so 10 will be ............. Second Wanted

    发布 / 2005-12-27 12:02   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin

    There are some treats in NFSMW

    regmebaby = 20000 starting capital in the career mode
    regmybank = $200 for career mode
    opendoors = open the city
    gimmevisual1 = all visuell upgrades stage stage 1 are free
    gimmevisual2 = all visuell upgrades stage 2 are free
    needperformance1 = all performance parts stage 1 free
    needperformance2 = all performance parts stage 2 free
    goforoldspice = Old Spice Vinyl
    needmybestbuy = Best Buy Vinyl
    gotmycingular = Cingular Sponsor Vinyl
    gottahavebk = Burger King Vinyl
    gottaedge = Edge Sponsor Vinyl
    iammostwanted = all cars are avaible
    castrol = Castrol Mustang


    发布 / 2005-12-05 22:50   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin

    也许你已经成为了 Rockport 市的最高通缉犯,也许你正在这条道路上一往无前的努力,玩累的时候来看看这篇文章,其搞笑程度绝不亚于《地下车会 2》里的机场跑道开飞机……


    此外,原作中还是有一些错误的。比如,加拿大某些省、还有北欧一些国家法律规定头灯是必须开启的,一档起步到 90 公里/小时并不是不可能,抓你的警察也有女生,唔……你开的车按 EA 签的合同当然不能有损坏……等等。


    1. 已经回到白天了,为什么所有的车还都开着头灯呢? 而且,你怎么都关不上它,只能任由它亮着。可怜的电池……_ueditor_page_break_tag_

    2. 通过车窗,可以看见驾驶舱里的车手。奇怪的是你看不到他肌肉的半点移动,即使左右转、升降档。看来是肌无力了。他通过非同一般的意念力来控制自己的爱车,自己的爱车完美的接受意念然后履行职责。

    3. 警察的车可以撞得稀烂,而别的车就没事。悖论啊。

    4. 如果你以 200 英里/小时的速度撞上一辆普通车,它会侧滑(也就滑个一二十米)。如果撞上的是警车,它会飞。如果是辆 Heavy SUV,它飞得更高……物理书里有这么说么……?

    5. 穿过一个路障并逃脱 50 米左右之后,这个路障就不见了……然后呢,赶紧掉头回去看看,空空如也……UFO 来拯救他们了……

    6. 速度限制器(即地图上的红色倒三角)总是那么及时地出现在你面前……大大的多纳圈和复杂的加油站,总是能在瞬间修好然后再次满足你的碰撞乐趣……唔,Rockport 的建筑工人好效率!

    7. 变速箱也太夸张了。初期的原厂车有几辆能一档冲到 90 公里/小时的?……

    8. 每当你进入高尔夫球场时,总有那么两三个警车已经在里面候着了……难道默认警察们都是便衣高尔夫球手?

    9. 无论你以什么速度撞上倒三角、也不论警车还有多远:你永远不被砸倒,他永远跑不掉(译注:警车先撞上的情况下除外)。

    10. Rockport 车市真不错,采伐业也是支柱吧,街上 40% 的都是新车和拉木头的卡车……

    11. 使用氮氧装置的时候,刹车灯会闪出一道红色光线。这是……在提醒别人你在加速……那……用减速器减速的时候呢……

    12. 只要速度到了 10 公里/小时,撞一下,玻璃就哗啦啦了。可是,就算你拿 200 公里/小时的速度撞上 30 下,这玻璃一块也掉不下来……

    13. 只要你的车不叫 BMW M3 GTR,你就可以随时给自己的车换个轮毂。人们都知道,宝马车的轮毂换不了,宝马设计的就是不让你换……

    14. 城外有牛,但是它们不知道动一动。说不定在睡觉呢,谁知道。大白天睡觉,Y 轴完全静止。

    15. 每辆车都或多或少有那么个喇叭,唉,还就你的没有。

    16. Rockport 警察局真是人丁兴旺,动不动就 15 辆警车上阵。唉,可是为什么每回都是那个卷毛帅哥抓到你呢?为什么每回都是同一个动作塞你进去呢?想起一个电影:克隆人的进攻。

    Source :NFSUnlimited 论坛
    Source :NeedForSpeed.cn

    发布 / 2005-11-11 12:19   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin

    Breaking News!

    The demo of Need for Speed Most Wanted just has been released!


    The information was published in NSF-Planet at 8:42 (Beijing Time)

    And I got it at 12:18 (Beijing Time)

    发布 / 2005-11-08 11:53   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin

    In the official NFS boards someone predicts the Need for Speed Most Wanted demo to be released on Tuesday morning. We'll see if this is true, since many people already said things about the demo that weren't true.

    I have just recieved word from a reliable source that the PC Demo for Need For Speed Most Wanted will be available for download early this Tuesday morning. That is November 8th. Also, for the people who have already played the XBOX and PS2 demos, this one will be completely different. If this information has already been released, then please forgive me. But, I am pretty sure I am the first to expose it.

    When the demo is released you'll find out here. 


    Link:NFS Forum

    发布 / 2005-10-29 07:41   于 / 电玩时代   文 / XingBin

    On the official boards EA announced the system requirements of the PC demo of Need for Speed Most Wanted and some new information:

    Minimum Systemrequirements

    * OS - Windows XP/2000
    * Processor - Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent 1.4 GHz
    * Memory - 256MB RAM
    * Hard Drive - 1.0 GB
    * CD Drive - 8 SPEED (Demo Disc only)
    * Video Card - 32MB*
    * Sound Card - DirectX 9.0c compatible
    * DirectX - Version 9.0c
    * Online - Broadband; 2-4 Players
    * Input - Keyboard, mouse or USB Steering Wheel/Gamepad

    DirectX 9.0c is included on this disc and may require the latest drivers for your video and sound card. *Supported video cards: NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/GTS or greater, ATI Radeon 7500 or greater; Intel 950/i915g; S3 GammaChrome S18 Pro. Laptop models of these chipsets are not supported.
    Quick Race

    * Tuned Mustang
    * Stock Cayman S
    * Tuned Cayman S

    Opponent Cars:

    * IS300
    * GTO
    * Golf GTI
    * Cayman S
    * Viper
    * Mustang

    Quick Race Tracks:

    * Sprint - Point-to-Point
    * Speedtrap - New Race Mode

    Challenge Series

    * 1 Pursuit Length Challenge
    * 1 Tollbooth Challenge
    * 1 Roadblock dodge Challenge

    Blacklist 15 Teaser
    Plays a 30 second video showcasing the blacklist and blacklist opponents

    Music (4 tracks)

    * Main Menu - Do Ya Thang
    * Main Menu - In A Hood Near You
    * Race Music - We Control
    * Race Music - Skinnyman

    Date of release to be announced soon. 


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